What is the Executive Round-Table?

The Executive Round-Table provides that 'something' that is missing in business - a support network of peers, people you can talk confidentially to, to discuss and debate with, as well as the opportunity to learn practical ideas to assist you to continually improve yourself and your business.

What does it involve?

The Executive Round-Table allows senior professionals the opportunity to learn about new business innovations and concepts in a supportive environment so that they can better manage their business, whilst also developing their own abilities.

What is your commitment?

A commitment to attend, to discusss, to challenge, to improve and to learn; to help others where you can (with your own expertise) and to have some fun along the way.

How much time will it take?

The group will meet once a month for three and a half hours, requiring only a minimum time away from the business.



'In my role as Managing Director I am responsible for the development of staff and the success and direction of my business. However it's all too easy to ignore the importance of my own professional development.
The Executive Round-Table gives me the opportunity to step aside for a short time each month to meet like-minded people and to learn and implement ideas and new innovations into my business.'.

(Paul Williams, Comace)

UrbanVirons Group

“The future vibrancy and success of the South Australian economy is without doubt inextricably connected to the success and prosperity of SME businesses. The Executive Roundtable (TER) provides an invaluable opportunity for Business Owners, and/or those in senior management roles, to spend a morning every month, “around the table”, with a small group of peers to tackle the real issues, challenges, and “how to’s” of running and managing your business towards continuing success.

Whilst there are other networking, industry-based, and large national executive support groups” around, we have found that The Executive Roundtable provides the mentoring, support, education, inspiration and meaningful connections so critical to SME success in Adelaide and South Australia.

Working “on” our business with The Executive Roundtable instead of “in” our business on our own, is making all the difference to the on-going success of our key staff and our Company.”

Leon Whitehead
Director - UrbanVirons Group


Services of 'The Executive Round-Table'

The Executive Round-Table allows a CEO or manager to step out of the business for a short time each month, to re-energise and refocus in a supportive environment. Each Round-Table is led by a facilitator who brings together everyone to listen, to learn and discuss pertinent issues confidentially. Sometimes this also consists of visits to businesses and sometimes speakers will attend the sessions to provide examples of how business and we, as business owners or managers can improve. (Note that each speaker is not brought in to sell their area of expertise or business, but is brought in to impart knowledge and advice to the groups) If this is the level of support that you and your business needs, then The Executive Round-Table could be that forum to give you the right focus and motivation to improve.

If your journey in business requires a greater level of support, we can add services around you tailored to your business needs. This could include:-

  • - General advisory support and reviews of your company on an annual or other basis
  • - Advisory board support or structure
  • - Interim management (across a variety of levels)
  • - Mentoring and coaching
  • - Strategic and business support
  • - Training

Other Services

The right advisor supporting your business is always important. We will assist by putting the right advisor(s) around you and your business.
They have to be protective by nature. Someone who will ask the right questions, who will help to keep you on track, who you can trust and who will listen and provide advice, not someone who always says yes.

If this is the extra service you require above The Executive Round-Table,
contact Phil at Rans Consulting Group on phil@ransgroup.com.au or on 0438 49 39 99.


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